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Mapping the unmappable

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This pretty incredible project has created beautiful visual representations of an unmappable space, namely THE MIGHTY INTERNET.

Opte map


I highly recommend the history page, where the project’s Genesis and aims are discussed, of particular interest is this quote from the project’s creator:

“Mapping the Internet weekly will allow us to see major disasters in different parts of the world. The Internet is a huge disasters sensor. If I had maps of pre-war Iraq and then compared them to today, one could see how badly Iraq was destroyed. The idea of a metaphysical representation of the real world is very interesting to me.”

Think about it! The notion of the internet as something that reacts to the world, that shows where disasters are happening as it contracts around physical locations, headless of specific human intervention. It’s pretty exciting… or do I mean frightening?


EVENT – The Definitive Collector’s Edition

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The First Family of Disfunction

What is an event? Deleuze poses this question and (despite what you may think) answers it, albeit in a very ‘Deleuzian’ way. The event is an amorphous idea, but it’s also a useful one. The event offers us a framework, though even that is probably too specific a term, with which to view and contemplate the televisual event. Perhaps a useful approach is to start out with Deleuze’s initial question; What is an event? After which we can ask what is a televisual event? How is a televisual event constructed? And by whom?

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We’ll even sell your skin…

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Following on from issues raised in our tute today, a friend sent me this link:


Now if that’s not commodification of the body than what is? All that skin and collagen living on after the body is gone, going to ‘beautify’ Western bodies…there’s just so much to discuss here, I think I’ll come back to it later.

(And just in case the banner ad is different for you, here’s a screen shot of what I saw when I opened the link. Note what the ad at the top is for. I don’t know whether to lol or cry.)

Oh the irony