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Deleuze’s Event or How to Explode Your Brain in Three Easy Steps

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Deleuze is concerned with how a subject exists in time and space and how limits and difference are established between things. Why is this not that?

Chaos and the Screen

“Chaos does not exist”

Chaos is an undifferentiated ‘many’. It is everything and nothing. But it cannot be perceived, all we know is the “bottom side of the great screen”. What we call chaos is in fact that which is beyond the sophistication of our screens.

Consider (as a metaphor only) the magic eye puzzle!

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A little Deleuzian linkage

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Because if anyone can reduce Deleuze’s work to a single page of brief descriptive paragraphs, then these guys can.

Tis, I think, helpful to have a little reminder of what the different terms refer to.


Spectatorship and New Screen Technologies in the 1950s

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This Is Cinerama premiered on the 30th September 1952 in New York to wide commercial and critical success. To get an idea of just how different this new technology was, take a look at this;

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