Karl vs Britney

Because the title of my blog is proving to be painfully ironic, here’s a token placeholder blog:

 What, we might ask, is going on here? Why did old Karl have to get dragged in? How did ‘Redchango’ come to create this clip for our viewing pleasure?

Does it go something like: paparazzi -tabloids – Britney – Chris Crocker – You Tube – ‘Redchango’ – Karl Marx?

Though of course the Paparazzi are hardly the first link in the chain. And it probably requires a brainstorm formation rather than a flowchart.


2 Responses to “Karl vs Britney”

  1. This is a little freaky, though much less freaky than the original

  2. I did this mainly because of all the hype. I remember seeing Seth Green’s reaction, and then a “Leave O.J. Alone” so I thought let’s do one for old Karl Marx. Oddly enough, out of all my videos this is currently the most viewed.

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